The Economist's CFO Summit 2013 Risk Panel


Leveraging Risk: A look at how leading organisations balance mounting risks with strategic growth

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Hot Topic: Food & Drink Industry Procurement Forum

4C Associates hosted the second Food & Drink Procurement Industry Forum meeting in October 2014.
Procurement professionals working in the food and drink sector have long faced a series of challenges which are unique to their organisations. Balancing these issues with the ever increasing pressure to reduce costs and deliver sustainable growth is becoming more and more difficult.
The Food & Drink Procurement Industry Forum was launched by 4C Associates as a platform for leading CPOs working in the food and drink sector to share ideas, challenges and expand their personal networks. Meetings are held under Chatham House Rules.
A group of UK based Chief Procurement Officers and Procurement Directors from large food and drink manufacturing companies got together to celebrate the first of a series of Food & Drink Procurement Industry Forums 2014.

Hot Topic: Industry Insights

When it comes to supplier innovation the fact is that if well implemented it represents one of the cheapest and quickest ways to impact a business’ bottom line. For that reason alone, companies need to begin working more closely with their suppliers and sharing the benefits.
Procurement functions in public and private sectors have come up with more innovative ways to deliver in the future.
Risk management is more important than ever before. Increasingly stretched supply chains and margins means businesses have less room for error. For this reason, any company looking to be successful must have an effective strategy in place to mitigate the most dangerous risks threatening their supply chain.
Today's heads of finance must not only ensure that financial records are beyond reproach, but also use their unique insight to drive growth within the business.