4C Associates sponsors the Economist CFO Summit 2014

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4C Associates will be the Gold Sponsor at The Economist CFO Summit 2014. The CFOs’ role is evolving and becoming increasingly relevant not only strategically but also as a career destination itself when finance directors are being put in charge of areas like IT, property and logistics.

Ed Ainsworth, Managing Director at leading procurement consultancy 4C Associates, will be leading the summit’s Big Data, Smart Forecasts session with an engaging industry comment on ‘The CFOs’ role in leading the data revolution’. In addition to this, Ed will also be sharing his ideas and views in a panel discussion session on ‘Big Data, Bigger Costs?’.

Ed’s industry comment session will deal with The CFOs’ role in leading the data revolution “Proliferation of large and complex data provides challenges as well as significant opportunities for analytical insight into the business. How can the detailed data output be used to drive measurable profit improvement?”

The panel discussion will focus on the CFOs as the main stakeholders in big data project analysis and delivery of benefits to the organisation. The panel will also examine how data can create ROI and financial value for businesses and what the usual key factors in limiting the costs of managing big data are. The panel will also advice suitable big data strategies for companies with small data budgets.

Given that the finance role is becoming ever more strategic, the job of the CFO is broadening far beyond its technical heritage into a role that is far more pivotal and more focused on growth. This year the summit will also focus on:

  • Understanding macroeconomic trends to drive
    growth strategies, cost efficiency and improvement
  • Communication skills and how CFO’s can better
    equip themselves to manage challenges
  • Managing costs while balance risk and
    encouraging growth
  • Real-life examples of how CFO roles can enable
  • Using technology for better connectedness
    throughout the organisation
  • Meeting investor expectations and converting
    investor signals into corporate action
  • How to manage the interface between other board
    members – HR, COO, CEO and CFO
  • Harnessing young financial talent and engaging
    with a multicultural, multi-generational work language

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