4C establishes new Far East business hub in Shanghai, China

4C establishes new Far East business hub in Shanghai, China  

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Shanghai, China – 12th July 2017: With its latest move into the Far East, 4C Associates – a leading European procurement consultancy specialising in cost reduction and transformation – is proactively pursuing a fresh approach to end-to end consultancy solutions.

With an established reputation and experienced team of 100+ consultants in London and Amsterdam, 4C works with a variety of top tier clients to help them effectively manage and reduce their procurement costs. And having worked in the Far East on behalf of clients for the last 15 years, 4C have decided to make a more permanent base of operations.

“Driving savings and EBITDA growth is becoming more challenging than ever for our clients” said Simon Terry, the CEO of 4C Associates, “By establishing ourselves in Shanghai, we achieve two things. Firstly, we can better support our European clients by providing experienced, on-the-ground resource in a region crucial to many of their supply chains. Secondly, 4C can extend its services locally to Far East businesses that want to utilise our experts in London and Amsterdam to support their commercial growth”.
4C Asia helps its clients address their unique issues with tailored-made solutions in four key markets:

1.) Large organisations with a Far East supplier base  

  • The majority of European supply chains rely heavily on the Far East, and yet working strategically in the region can be a significant challenge • 4C offer effective SRM programmes with your existing critical suppliers as well as identifying new areas of supply across the region

2.) European multinationals with a sourcing function in the Far East  

  • Visibility over local spend and control of operations are key challenges European businesses in the Far East face and access to experienced procurement experts is limited
  • 4C provide rapid spend diagnostics to increase visibility and understand supply chain costs enabling us to benchmark local functions against a database of regional and industry leaders • 4C can identify and implement operational and profit improvements

3.) Multinationals with expanding operations in the Far East  

  • Process automation and cost reduction are becoming ever more critical to Far East businesses as increases in operating and staffing costs threaten financial returns • 4C provide expert GFR and GNFR accelerated savings delivery programmes that identify and accelerate cost reduction initiatives that drive immediate profit improvement • Transformation programmes, led by a team of locally-based subject matter experts and consultants, enable businesses to raise their local operations to EU standards longer-term

4.) Far East businesses acquiring or selling European companies

Buying and selling European assets from the Far East is challenging and typically requires specialist M&A advice and target-side, experienced, strategic partners

  • Pre-acquisition, 4C provide deal teams with procurement due diligence to enhance deal credibility and identify early savings opportunities to greatly enhance a 100day plan • Expert 4C resources are also working with operations teams during a hold phase to transform buying capability, sourcing strategies and implement change to drive asset profitability • Pre-exit, EBITDA improvement projects focus on maximising deal returns by rapidly reducing procurement spend via a proactive, experienced negotiation team that operates on a high ROI

To get in touch with the new 4C Associates team in Asia: sebastian.macdonald@4cassociates.com (WeChat:seb.macdonald)

For press inquiries about 4C Associates petra.urhofer@4cassociates.com  

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