Driving EBIDTA improvements in the food service sector

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Over the recent years, the eating-out-of-home sector has evolved tremendously, and of course, had more than its fair share of challenges. Never has this been truer than today, and with cost pressures and uncertainty facing businesses, coupled with consumers feeling the squeeze on their finances, we predict even more challenging times are ahead.   Competition across the casual dining space is …

The rise of managed legal services

The rise of managed legal services

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During recent years, the nature of Professional Services procurement has really evolved. Professional Services buyers are under increasing pressure to improve the quality of the service provided, while also having to come up with innovative ways to reduce costs to the business. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Legal Services, where we are seeing increasingly creative operating …

The sustainable sourcing of food-it’s all about the tiers!

The sustainable sourcing of food – it’s all about the tiers

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What does it actually mean? Sustainable sourcing is generally used to describe a holistic approach to a procurement exercise, focusing not only on commercial factors, but also the environmental and societal impact of what we plan to do. To some organisations, sustainable sourcing is dealt with by the publication of a CSR policy on the company website, to others it …