Brexit and procurement – poll results

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Brexit

With the impending Brexit vote fast approaching I thought it useful to share some insights into what procurement people are thinking and how it might affect both them personally as well as their role in procurement.

4C on a rolling basis runs a global month procurement poll covering a range of indices and special topics each month.

Over the past four weeks we have been asking our panel of approximately 500 respondents their thoughts on the following three questions.

  1. Do you think we should stay part of the European Union?
  2. If we leave the EU, do you believe the role of UK procurement would become easier or harder?
  3. If we leave the EU, what impact do you believe it will have on procurement career opportunities in the UK?

The results are interesting particularly when put in context of the latest national polling results from the general population.

In answer to question 1. 79.5% of all respondents indicated that they would rather stay as part of the European Union, this is in contrast to the polls which suggest the balance is close to 50/50.

When asked about whether procurement would become easier or harder if we left, 78.6% indicated they thought things would become harder for them.  We correlate this result with the first question to see how the sentiment around leaving would make a difference on whether people thought things would get harder, this number then rose to 93%

The third topic we talked to the respondents about was whether they thought leaving the EU would have an impact on their careers. Here the numbers were slightly more balanced with 43% stating they thought it would have a negative impact on them, but the balance of responses stated that it would have no impact (39%) or a positive impact 17%.

It seems that the current polling of the general population is somewhat out of kilter to the poll respondents within procurement. It is however clear both from the poll and from conversations we have upon a daily basis with clients and other procurement professionals that there is a general consensus that staying as part of the EU is highly beneficial both on personal and professional level, particularly when discussing business matters.

If you are able to vote on Thursday I would strongly encourage to you do so, this is clearly the most important vote most of us will have in our lifetime. Whilst I don’t think that everything the EU does is great I’m still voting REMAIN because I truly believe that we are stronger in Europe and our outlook on the global stage is much stronger if we stay in. I hope that like me you agree and that come Thursday you will also vote REMAIN.