When Britain leaves the customs union in 2019 global sourcing opportunities will emerge. It is envisaged that 45 trade deals will be struck with countries that currently provide 50% of all clothing and food imports. In addition major trade deals with the USA & Japan are forecast, who represent our largest export market and largest source of inward investment. We also expect that a deal will be done with the EU. These opportunities will require changes to how we do businesses, but there are great examples of countries that have met these challenges and thrived.

4C understands global sourcing and will factor the effects to changes in tariffs both inbound and outbound into our continual search for the best supply chains for our clients. 4C also understands the changes in customs clearing processes that will be necessary to ensure frictionless trade with our European allies.A significant reason for the wide range in assessment of the impact of Brexit is the assumptions used to model how buying behaviour will change.

It is pretty clear that if you adapt effectively, then you can expect that prices will come down. However, if you don’t then it’s reasonable to expect that you will miss out on the benefits.

4C can help you asses the challenges Brexit may place on your organisation. Contact us for further details


Brexit: Retail and the role of procurement

This whitepaper looks at the impact Brexit is likely to have on the UK retail landscape, as well as the challenges and opportunities that might lie ahead using procurement and how as a function this might assist in readiness and preparation for the changes to come.

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How Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape

The impacts on the UK retail landscape are likely to be substantial and considering that over two-thirds of retailers have no plans for Brexit yet, it is a pressing issue. The first thing to do now is building a dedicated cross-functional Brexit transition team. It is key to stay on top of and navigate the political and competitive changes/challenges, or else there may be no business to run after Brexit.


Re-opening the Silk Road – a fresh hope for post-Brexit Britain?

With UK politics in disarray after the electoral upset last month, we have seemingly learned two key lessons. Firstly £100m seems to be the going rate to secure the loyalty of an MP for 5 years, and secondly public opinion remains firmly divided on parliamentary leadership going into Brexit. As policymakers and PR gurus spin and spit their way through the tumultuous Brexit storm, it is easy to focus on the ramifications and limitations of an EU exit and miss the plains of global economic opportunity that surely awaits.


4C can help you asses the challenges Brexit may place on your organisation. Contact us for further details