We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our category and functional knowledge and expertise. Our ‘Category Expertise Programme’ ensures that we continuously build and strengthen our capabilities: categories and their characteristics do not remain static and neither do we.

We work with organisations to deliver sustainable, long term benefits.  Our team is made up of individuals with skill sets including procurement, supply chain, business transformation, Lean and Six-Sigma. Our experts are supported by project management and analysis specialists.  We also provide a range of customised tools to manage, track and deliver robust savings programmes.

  • Cost Reductions Programmes
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Operations Efficiency Improvement
  • Business Transformation and Organisation Change
  • Programme and Project Management
  • eProcurement
  • Tail Management
  • Contract Audits

From the outset we hire experienced consultants who can demonstrate knowledge and exceptional expertise in one or a number of categories.