“We want 4C to be the best place to work for high performing people who are passionate about our success.”
Simon Terry, Managing Director

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Our People

Our vision is to become the leader in cost transformation consultancy and managed services. 4C’s success and growth is fuelled by our people. We understand that our people are our greatest asset, and that the environment and culture we foster will determine our future success. We are always keen to hear from like-minded, talented people whose insight, intellect and experience will help us continue to deliver and exceed our clients’ objectives.


In order to help you understand what working at 4C is like we’ve taken some time with a number of staff members to see what a typical day looks like for them.

Chris Herbert


My job is quite varied and a normal day is typically a combination of working with client facing teams as well as working internally on processes, capability and operational aspects of the business.

In my role as Director I am responsible for ensuring we have the right people in the right place for all our client facing engagements and because we have an expanding client roster we require an ever wider range of skills and people. I have to balance the resources we have to ensure that we are putting the right skills on each assignment but also making sure that our teams remain fresh and have a good amount of variety in what they do.

For our client facing teams I spend my time advising and guiding them on the finer points of client management, procurement strategy as well as helping to build capability in order that we can deliver not only in the short term but also making sure we are planning for the medium and long term.

I enjoy the challenge of the client facing work; working with our staff is great and we have a great company culture but also working with our client’s staff can be enormously rewarding. The work we do has a significant material effect on how our clients perform, the aim for all of us is to always to help our clients out-perform, if we didn’t have the culture we do we definitely wouldn’t be able to produce the results we do.

Andrew Davidson


My day as a 4C Consultant is equal parts varying, challenging, exciting and rewarding.

I’m learning something new every day as I’m exposed to a wide array of business functions from logistics through to marketing and across a diverse range of clients.

I’m required to draw upon the skills I’m developing and learn quickly as I set about achieving a range of goals. In a single day I may be leveraging my interview technique and interpersonal skills as I draw intelligence from a client business unit director, conversely, I could be working with a team to analyse and comprehend complex data and process maps before drawing on my creative side as I develop a client facing strategies.

My preparation and diplomacy skills are often tested as I create presentations in readiness to negotiate commercials deal. The level of detail and precision within this type of work can have a material effect on how the supplier negotiation may go and it’s important for the whole team to be comfortable and confident in the work we are presenting.

The pace in which I’m learning and developing experience is truly exciting and the team around me offers support as well as great friendships.

Marie-Eve Menger


There aren’t that many ‘typical days’, it really depends on where I’m working. If I’m heading out to an overseas client at the beginning of the week then the day can start with an early flight. I’m fortunate that I’ve have had assignments across the UK as well as Holland, Belgium and Poland

When I arrive on client site, I quickly settle, review my emails and start preparing for the tasks ahead. The nice thing about being on client site is that I am hands-on and involved with the stakeholders and teams that I am working with, but also it brings a closeness to suppliers in the market.

Working throughout the day I am likely to sit together with my business stakeholder(s) to go over analysis that I (or a team members) have worked on or to prepare for a negotiation with a supplier later on that day. We may also meet with client board members to discuss final project  decisions or the successful closure of a project.

Other days may be different in tone and focus; I could be facilitating a client workshop or a supplier day to launch a new tender or working to get a wider view of the market.

Being on the ground with the client means being exposed to a variety of people, different situations and of course different specialisms and industries; ranging from Marketing, FM, IT or even industrial manufacturing.

The day might end with a team meeting to discuss any work to be done for the rest of the week or to get advice on a certain question encountered on that day. When we are travelling, we often have dinner together before going to the hotel. Fridays in the office usually end with a visit to our pub, just to start the weekend off!

Alfred Morris


We are well integrated with the client and sit amongst their procurement team. Today we have the team meeting which gives everyone an opportunity to share their successes and for me to give guidance on the direction of the project.

One of the consultants and myself have a meeting with a client and supplier in the afternoon so we have a pre-meeting with the client to align on the strategy.

At 4C there’s a unique collaborative culture, we’ve built strong working relationships with all of our client teams and have gotten to know them on a personal level so its not just business it really is about building team and getting on with people.

During the meeting with the supplier we talk about the client’s objectives and strategy and review the supplier’s proposal. The supplier is normally challenged to look at other areas of innovation identified by our research and insights capability prior to the meeting and also to focus more on particular areas of the cost base.

The supplier takes on board the challenges and a review is organised for the following week.

The client is pleased with the progress made during the meeting and the collaborative approach of the 4C team and has asked us to support them in other areas of work. A pretty good result all round.

In the afternoon I catch up with the other consultants on the team and support them with queries and give some direction on their work streams as well updating the project plans.

I have a flight the next morning to Amsterdam to meet with the European operations team so I check in online through the mobile app, pack up for the day and say my goodbye’s to the remaining few left on the client site.


We recruit graduates throughout the year and deliver comprehensive training to help them develop analytical and consultancy skills. We also provide exposure to all aspects of client facing work. If you are a well-rounded and confident graduate with strong academics and interpersonal skills, please apply to the Analyst listing in Current Vacancies.


4C is committed to encouraging the maximum development of our people’s skills and abilities to ensure that our employees are constantly learning and progressing. This allows our employees to reach their potential and ensures that we impress our clients with the most talented, informed force on the market.
Each of our permanent employees is assigned a development manager and training consists of internal training forums, knowledge sharing, external training and sponsorship with regards to relevant professional qualifications such as CIPS, Prince II and ACCA. Furthermore our broad client base, which spans all industry sectors, means that our employees receive excellent on the job training and are constantly exposed to exciting new challenges.


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