Strategy Definition

Strategy Definition

Supporting the CEO and Leadership Team of a clinical lab service provider to define the 2026 strategy and a pragmatic approach for deliver the vision.

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The Problem

  • With a new investor on board, the client had a >2x growth ambition to achieve over €300M in revenue by 2026.
  • The CEO and Leadership Team required support to help facilitate and develop their 2026 strategy and plan for how they could deliver the transformation required to achieve it.
  • The Leadership Team were exploring growth options including acquisitions, entering new markets and building new capabilities, but didn’t have a clearly defined strategy for the next 3-5 years to help navigate these critical decisions.

The Solution

  • We partnered with the client’s executive team to help them clearly define their strategy to capitalise on market dynamics.
  • Our approach consisted of three key activities conducted over the course of eight weeks including market analysis, strategy definition and roadmap development.
  • The 4C team conducted analysis and distilled the insights on the current state and opportunities of the biopharma service provider market into a report to support the strategy development.
  • Our team facilitated an off-site meeting with the Leadership Team to define the strategic vision for 2026 and priority focus areas for the organisation.
  • We created a pragmatic roadmap for the delivery of the transformation required to achieve the 2026 strategy.

The Impact

  • A clear strategy for the next five years defined as “The Road Beyond €300M”, outlining how the client can achieve their growth ambition with a clear strategic narrative for the business to buy into was developed.
  • We developed a pragmatic and realistic roadmap to deliver the transformation required to improve patient’s lives whilst driving business growth.
  • Followed by the client’s 2026 strategy definition, the 4C team was asked to continue to support the organisation as they transition into delivery of the roadmap.
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