Case study: Business Transformation​

Company overview:

  • 20,000 employees
  • 400+ stores
  • 5 global offices

Business challenge:

As part of transforming from a retail business to a product brand business, the client needed a trusted partner to help deliver their strategy. This included defining the new operating model, designing a new end to end process, up-skilling the teams through tailored training and managing the change. 4C were engaged to programme manage the transformation with the key challenge of aligning internal functions with the strategy.

Our approach:

  • Developed a 12 month cross-functional Transformation Programme with multiple well-defined work streams
  • Worked with the senior leadership team to shape their future operating model
  • Implemented a dedicated roll-out, immersion and support programme to embed the changes

Value delivered:

  • 92 legacy processes replaced by single one best way process
  • 200+ people across 12 business functions trained in new ways of working
  • 20 tools and templates improved and consolidated 
  • 8 static SAP data reports replaced by single live data dashboard