Using AI to drive growth through savings

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Global spending on AI continues its trajectory of rapid growth as businesses increasingly recognise the value it brings and invest in projects that utilise their artificial intelligence capabilities. The International Data Corporation predicts that global AI spend will increase 50% per year, to over $50b by 2021, which shows the importance of implementing AI into business strategies globally. However, it’s not just about the AI tools …

Procurement and big data

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It comes as no surprise that the procurement function is using big data to drive digital change. According to a recent survey of over 650 leaders in procurement, supply chain and finance from Europe and North America, 72 percent of respondents stated big data and predictive analytics as one of the top five priorities for their organisations. These organisations are investing heavily in technologies that, beyond cost savings …

My Computer Just Had a Good Idea

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Creativity is the final bastion of what it is to be human, the one thing that machines are not going to be able to do, and therefore our jobs are safe provided they require creative input.  A new book out this month by Marcus du Sautoy, The Creativity Code, discusses to what extent computers can be programmed to invent and …

Machine learning for people in a hurry

Machine learning for people in a hurry

Vlad Brincoveanu Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Technology

To put it very simply, machine learning can be described as a way of algorithms using vast amount of data to find patterns. What makes it special? It can learn and self-improve. It sounds straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it’s true. It runs the world and most of us use it every day without even knowing. It powers …

AI or BI in the era of digital transformation?

AI or BI in the era of digital transformation?

William Tickel Artificial Intelligence, Blog, Technology

Worldwide, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being produced every day. This endless flow of information is a cornucopia for the companies who have developed the capability to analyse and leverage this data into actionable insights. Whether it’s to drive revenue, control costs or optimise operations, it is now an imperative that no industry is immune to. The big data …