A new discounter for the UK market

A new discounter for the UK market

Pro Ganguly Blog, FMCG

Rumour is rife that Tesco is about to launch a stand-alone chain of discount shops, likely to be named “Jack’s”, after one of its founders, Jack Cohen. So why are Tesco doing this? What’s in it for them, their customers, competitors and suppliers? Why? Between Aldi and Lidl, they now command a combined 13% market share of the UK grocery …

The sustainable sourcing of food-it’s all about the tiers!

The sustainable sourcing of food – it’s all about the tiers

Dan White Blog, FMCG, Supply Chain

What does it actually mean? Sustainable sourcing is generally used to describe a holistic approach to a procurement exercise, focusing not only on commercial factors, but also the environmental and societal impact of what we plan to do. To some organisations, sustainable sourcing is dealt with by the publication of a CSR policy on the company website, to others it …

Professional Shopping as an alternative to classic Procurement in FMCG and Retail

Professional Shopping as an alternative to classic Procurement in FMCG and Retail

Emanuel Modrovic Blog, FMCG, Retail

In the fast moving FMCG and retail market, responsiveness and speedy time-to-market require very lean and quick processes. While this is not a ground-breaking observation, it is surprising how many FMCG and retail firms still grapple with running streamlined operations to allow them to do just that. Depending on the respective market positioning, a reactive stance to the latest trends …

Horse meat scandal – what’s changed?

Horse meat scandal – what’s changed?

Philip Joss Blog, FMCG, Supply Chain

When horse DNA was first found in beef products being sold in Britain, many felt we had reached a high water mark. There was a general feeling that food supply practices had become unsustainable and lacked transparency. Major retailers withdrew ten million burgers from their stores within the first few months of the news leaking. Two elements are widely believed …

The Second Food & Drink Procurement Industry Forum – Discussion Roundup

Milan Panchmatia Blog, FMCG 0 Comments

The food and drink sector is facing a number of imposing challenges. Supermarkets continue to wage price wars, which in turn heap further cost pressure on their already stretched suppliers. As a result, some suppliers have cut corners and scandals such as “horse-gate” have erupted. Subsequent reforms aimed at improving the sector’s supply chains are likely to create further complications. …

Horse meat saga reveals lack of visibility in supply chains

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The discovery of horse meat in a number of supermarket products has outraged the British public and led to a call for more stringent checks. One of the most disturbing elements of the story is the lack of clarity regarding which company is responsible for the contamination. Retailers and suppliers have all taken to blaming each other. Aldi, Findus and …