Public Sector – Is it right to be wary of The Cloud?

Public Sector – Is it right to be wary of The Cloud?

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In recent years, procurement functions within the private sector have recognised the value of cloud technology and solutions, to the extent that procurement can play an integral role in the organisations move to digitalisation. This involves utilising cloud Procure to Pay (P2P) and Source to Pay (S2P) solutions to drive value for money. Despite the benefits reaped within the private …

Procure-to-Pay software: how can virtual assistants help with user adoption?

Procure-to-Pay software: how can virtual assistants help with user adoption?

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Take a look around a business that has implemented a new Procure-to-Pay system in the last few years and you will likely come across some user adoption challenges. Perhaps requisitioners have stopped using catalogues because they can’t find the items they are looking for, or don’t trust the pricing. Maybe line managers have overdue approvals in their queue because they …

Network optimisation and big data

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During my time at 4C, I have worked on a number of supply chain optimisation initiatives. Each of these has required substantial data analysis. To give you an example, our latest project required the analysis of a quarter of a million point to point movements. The growing availability to this type of data has already allowed 4C to drive significant …

Did IT innovation deliver in 2012?

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As 2012 comes to an end, 4C Associates looks back at some of the predictions made earlier this year. Ian Lund considers prediction number nine: “There will be tremendous innovation in IT requiring new skills to manage,” and 10: “This year the CEO starts to look at IT costs, forcing measurement of the business value delivered by innovation.” Back in February, 4C …

Internal business networks: the coming of age

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As social technologies become more accessible and easier to use, more and more businesses are embracing the possibilities on offer. Speaking to the Financial Times, Michael Chui, an expert on social media in companies at McKinsey & Company, the global consulting company, said; “We’re seeing everything from enterprise [corporate-specific] social networking to wikis, blogs and micro-blogs.” Faster, Cheaper and more Efficient …

Cloud Computing: An IT Revolution, or a Rebranding of Old Ideas with a New Price Tag?

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Cloud computing has long been heralded as an IT revolution, on the verge of delivering a cheap and flexible solution for the workplace. However, despite promises of huge gains in efficiency and flexibility, cloud computing has not convinced everyone. 4C brought together a selection of professionals from various industries to determine whether it is revolutionary or simply a rehash of …