Merry Brexit Christmas

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31st October. A date that frightens children with all the ghostly and spooky goings on of Halloween. But this year, 31st October is set to scare another group of people – retailers. Will Brexit deadline day v3 be a Treat or will it be tricky for retailers? Both of the remaining candidates to replace Theresa May have promised that they …

The Real Cost of Returns

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In 2018 alone, cost of returns for UK fashion retailers was c£6.6 billion, which was almost 10 percent of the total UK fashion retail market. Follow the link below to read the full article

Re-Engineering your Supply Chain for Tomorrow’s Retail

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Supply chains – Not so many years ago  My early experiences with Supply Chain design and management mostly involved products flowing in one direction alone, from the supplier to the customer. The world was so logical with defined order plans beautifully transposed into supplier orders and deliveries. The products used to arrive on pallets, well stacked. There were some processing centres within the warehouses, …

4C Retail – May Networking Event

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4C Associates’ Insights in Retail networking event at Searcy’s @ at the Gherkin brought together a group of senior leaders from across the retail, food service and convenience industries supported by 4C’s own team of retail industry experts. The round table discussion centred on why the use of data and insights is now, not an option, but a necessity in decision making for retailers and why adopting the use of data is paramount to ensuring their survival in …

Gymshark – Is this the Future of Retail?

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With a community of 5.4 million fans across social media and global sales of over £100 million, CEO Steve Hewitt not only steers a fitness empire, but harnesses the power of the Gymshark brand to bring in a packed-out standing room only talk at the Internet Retailing Expo 2019.  Talking to his audience of industry colleagues, Hewitt spoke about how Gymshark – the infamous fitness apparel and accessories brand – have created a loyal community of fans that are never viewed as ‘customers’; ‘they are our community, our fans’. The refreshing retailer ethos exudes people and culture not only at the heart of its audience …

Making a Difference in Retail

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The Co-op continues to go from strength to strength recording market share gains in a market where the German discounters are the only other ones boasting the same. The discounters success is (relatively) easily explained – they are the “Ronseal” of retail, providing a reasonable range of assorted affordable products day in day out – something that clearly resonates with …

5 steps towards more sustainable packaging

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Packaging is and can be a brand’s greatest asset not only commanding and stimulating consumer sales, but also protecting the product and informing us of its contents, whilst at the same time always being aligned to the regulatory compliance and the legalities of each market. Sir David Attenborough really hit the consciousness of consumers in the Plastic Planet episode of his Blue Planet II series and left us with a …

Nearshoring: the fashion revolution

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Mention the phrase ‘fast fashion’ and most people will think of a cheap high street t-shirt with a predictable country listed on the inside label: China.  But increasingly, observant consumers are finding a new collection of countries on the label of their fast fashion clothing – countries that are a lot closer to home, such as Turkey and other Eastern European countries. This phenomenon is called ‘nearshoring’.  Why, in a world of innovation, …

The Role of Procurement in Fashion Apparel

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Through the eyes of apparel CEOs, procurement can often be mistaken as a support function, where materials are obtained at the highest possible quality and margins. This preconception will inevitably change with the coming of profound disruptions within nearshoring, and through up and coming initiatives like the circular value chain.  With today’s fashion market being heavily affected by influencers, demand spikes in the latest apparel products are largely affected by what …

GSCOP – What’s the fuss all about?

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This week, the Co-op has been found guilty of breaching the Grocery Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) and ordered to pay £1.3m in costs and £650k back to affected suppliers. So what does this mean for you? If you supply your products to any of the following retailers or work for one of these retailers and deal with suppliers… read …