Procurement in the omnichannel era

Procurement in the omnichannel era

Gopal Iyer Blog, Retail

Businesses today are undergoing massive changes as a result of three enablers: Globalisation, Technology and Supply Chain. This trend is most evident in the retail industry where globalisation has allowed products to be designed for global taste and be produced at the lowest cost; and supply chain fundamentals have supported businesses with flow of goods, information and money. Technology, on …

Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

Felix Benscheid Blog, Brexit, Retail

With Brexit being the leading creator of uncertainty, especially for European businesses, the undefined current geopolitical situation is heavily influencing international business. Even though some may argue that the impact of Brexit on China will be limited, Brexit and its following agreements will create political and economic opportunities and threats that will not stay unrecognised. The ambiguity on currency fluctuation, …

Deal or no Deal

Brexit: Deal or no deal

William Tickel Blog, Brexit, Retail

If the last 12 months have been any indicator, the only certainty is that we can’t be certain of what will happen in the months and weeks leading us up to March 2019. This said, if the current situation offers us any clues, we should be prepared for the possibility of a post-Brexit-Britain without a Free-Trade deal with the European …

Speed to market

Speed to Market – Challenges and Opportunities

Gopal Iyer Blog, Retail, Supply Chain

Supply chains have now evolved into complex beings, which are networked at multiple levels. These “supply networks” are complex not just in terms of the number of entities, but also in terms of their length. It is not surprising to see these modern day networks extending across the globe, delaying the process and information flows involved. To worsen the issue, …

The omniscient retailer – channels and data

The omniscient retailer – channels and data

Carissa Dzwonek Blog, Retail, Supply Chain

4C Associates’ Carissa Dzwonek explores how omnichannel retailers can leverage the latest solutions to become all-knowing. Omni-channel retail is nothing new. Any business with a bricks and mortar presence, coupled with an online offer can claim to operate across multiple channels. More advanced organisations develop frictionless offers across channels, enabling them to convert customers effectively, regardless of the device or …

How Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape

How Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape

Emanuel Modrovic Blog, Brexit, Retail

Against the background of a ticking two-year clock, this analysis will argue that Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape by shuffling the cards once more. There are 3 key Brexit-related challenges facing retailers: Currency and financial movements This is an effect that has already been hitting retailers operating in the UK. Movements of exchange rates outside of their typical …

Brexit-Preparing for the After Life

Brexit – Preparing for the afterlife

Gopal Iyer Blog, Brexit, Retail

The June 2016 referendum brought to life even the sleepiest of the analysts, with everyone having their views on how Brexit would reshape the UK economic and social structure – most of them predicting a severe and immediate impact. The more structured arguments signalled immediate impacts on services (Forex, stock markets), near term impact on movement of goods (tariffs, import/export) …

Re-opening the Silk Road; a fresh hope for post-Brexit Britain?

Re-opening the Silk Road – a fresh hope for post-Brexit Britain?

Sebastian MacDonald Blog, Brexit, Retail

With UK politics in disarray after the electoral upset last month, we have seemingly learned two key lessons. Firstly £100m seems to be the going rate to secure the loyalty of an MP for 5 years, and secondly public opinion remains firmly divided on parliamentary leadership going into Brexit.   As policymakers and PR gurus spin and spit their way …

Why retailers should look at indirect spend more closely

Why retailers should look at indirect spend more closely

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Retail

4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia examines how a focus on indirect spend can help retailers impact the bottom line. Most procurement functions do not consider indirect spend the most glamorous area to focus on. In many cases it is an area of spend which is only considered once savings have begun to dry up elsewhere. A somewhat surprising state of affairs …