Whitepaper: Procurement Supplier Networks

Whitepaper: Procurement Supplier Networks

Ian Barker and Chris Proudfoot Whitepapers

As a supplier, you don’t need to carry multiple mobile phones to talk to your customers. So why do you need to work with multiple supplier networks? Business networks and portals have created a centralised location where buying organizations can interact in real time, both internally (e.g., procurement/AP) and externally with suppliers. These platforms have primarily been developed by larger technology providers from a perspective of, and to support, their larger enterprise customers. In this paper we will focus on the supplier facing functionality …

Private Equity and the Role of Procurement

Whitepaper: Private Equity and the Role of Procurement

Jeremy Smith Blog, Private Equity, Whitepapers

Despite a reputation as a simple cost-cutter, Procurement can and should contribute more within the realm of Private Equity. Financial engineering is no longer the default means through which Private Equity firms aim to generate value and reliance is shifting towards maximising revenue growth, enhancing working capital and creating higher enterprise value through financial management. Each of these areas represents …

Achieving procurement leadership through external services

Whitepaper: Achieving procurement leadership through external services

4C Associates Procurement, Whitepapers

In this whitepaper, we look at why and how the use of external support and bought in services or resource has become so critical for procurement leaders. The range and complexity of what is expected from leaders now means that no procurement function can meet all the demands put on it without making good use of external resources, whether that …