Centre of Excellence

The 4C Centre of Excellence provides a platform for a structured induction process.

We focus on developing your skills and enhancing your expertise, and you will

  • join a multi-client facing team delivering service to internal and external clients
  • participate in a tailored training programme
  • work alongside other analyst colleagues
  • expand your client facing time as your experience grows 

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Agnieszka Abbott

At our team workshops we focus on developing 4C capabilities to help us build the best practice ‘4C Way’ in all services we provide. We develop templates, processes, standard ways of working and shape relevant technology to support our activities

  • We streamline the process flow to allow more efficient work allocations in handling clients’ requests
  • We built an in-house technology platform for managing work requests and efficiently assigning resources
  • We created our own feedback app for capturing our satisfaction scores

Maria Slimpa joined the Centre of Excellence recently – “As a new 4C joiner, being part of the CoE team helped me get a better understanding of the company’s focus by participating in and assisting various projects. Through that I learnt new tools and improved my technical skills. Additionally, I got to meet many people within 4C and get a better grasp of the different business sectors that the company has projects in.”