To address and explore the future of the procurement function, the key theme of the recent 4CP Group Away Day focused on emerging disruptive technologies – their role in disrupting procurement and supply chain teams and how they will impact the business’ ability to transform through technology, processes and people.

“Disrupt yourselves, before you are disrupted”

These were the opening lines during the presentation from Andrew Grill, the Actionable Futurist, who emphasised that “taking the business on the journey is the hardest part.” The presentation was followed by three technology disruptors who all operate on standard software as a service business model and form alliances for 4CP Group.

“As it is our role as a group to relieve procurement and supply chain teams of some of their pressures and support them to be innovative, it is important for us to deliver innovation for our clients and to look beyond our own current capabilities. In line with our mission, I’m proud to say that 4CP Group is expanding the technology providers we ally with to ensure we give all our clients the right innovative solution and deliver end-to-end value, beyond traditional cost savings.”, said David Walters, Managing Partner at 4C Associates.

Consultancy plays a crucial role in embedding these disruptive technologies into organisations, ensuring that they can define their requirements and create a case for change, as well as working collaboratively with technology disruptors. 4CP Group’s in-depth expertise and hands-on delivery style suit allying with technology disruptors means our clients will continue to be on the front foot with innovation and fully adopt technology across the value chain.

Meeting with new technology providers can often be an opportunity reserved for the senior leadership team, but the away day has given the whole group exposure to technology disruptors in the market and time to focus on the evolution of our future day-to-day role as a consultant. What shined through during the day was the curiosity to find out how this technology could unlock significant value for our clients and how our role in the process in ensuring the technology has a sustainable and long-lasting impact.

If we look to the future, our technology alliances will form the cornerstone of the consulting services 4CP Group provides – allowing us to deliver quality outcomes to our clients faster, more confidently and at even better value for money. Please contact Mark Ellis if you would like to discuss the opportunities technology could bring your organisation.