Fleet costs can be reduced by up to 10 per cent

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London, UK – 17 October 2012: 4C Associates believes that most businesses would be able to reduce their fleet costs by 5 – 10 per cent by implementing industry best practice.

“With fuel prices steadily rising and businesses continuing to evolve in a volatile economic environment, fleet expenditure is a key area for our clients to cut costs,” said Craig Bunker, Managing Partner at 4C Associates. “By implementing cutting edge cost transformation processes and the latest technology, companies are able to increase their margins and drive growth.”

Working with several high profile clients, 4C has demonstrated that fleet cost reductions of up to 10 per cent can be achieved by many organisations. The delivery of these savings is rooted in the principle of managing fleet on an economic cost basis.

This entails the use of several processes, including:

  • Replacement of vehicles driven by cost and not age
  • Extended life vehicles used as part of a flexible fleet to replace expensive spot hire
  • The use of various innovative acquisition methods such as operating leases, financials leases and capital purchases
  • Standardisation of vehicle specifications by utilisation
  • Investigation of Vehicle Maintenance Units (VMUs) in high frequency / volume locations
  • Repair & Maintenance analysis to track spend in specific regions and matching monthly payments to PAYG schemes depending on spend forecasts / profiles
  • Unbundling the purchase of the chassis, finance, ancillary equipment, tyres and maintenance

A key benefit of this approach is a fleet designed for company specific requirements. This not only serves to cut costs by eliminating the need for short-term rentals but often results in a more eco-friendly fleet.

4C Associates has the insight, technology and experience to drive rapid profit improvement. We offer specialist consulting, technology and managed services to transform your costs. We apply industry and functional expertise to deliver exceptional benefits.

Our team works with leading organisations across a range of cost categories including Direct Materials, Services, Marketing, IT, HR, Logistics, Supply Chain, Property and FM. We apply deep practical knowledge, combined with process and change skills, to deliver reduced costs and increased profits.

To discuss how we can transform your costs please contact us at:

Tel: 0207 605 1600
Web: www.4cassociates.com
Email: Petra.urhofer@4cassociates.com
Twitter: @4CAssociates

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