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4C’s healthcare team has board level experience with healthcare providers and healthcare device manufactures.  We work with the NHS in delivering value for money and  to ensure Trusts can focus on customer care.  4C are working with pharmaceutical and healthcare organisations to focus on product development, cost management , service continuity and risk within the supply chain. 

In a fast-moving sector organisations must work collaboratively with their supply chains to drive innovation, test the commerciality and speed to market.  The organisations we work with must work flexibly to support the business in this goal, getting medicines int the market, whilst providing commercial vigor to add value to the top and bottom line

  • value proposition

    Our practitioners provide direct and indirect procurement support, leveraging their extensive market knowledge and experience to bring fresh insight to manage costs through the end to end value chain.  In addition to cost out, we support organisations to transform their procurement capability, ensuring it’s fit for purpose, has a defined role and truly adds value when working collaboratively with supply chain.

    To assist the public sector healthcare challenges, we can provide support via Consultancy 1, Consultancy2, Bloom and GCloud frameworks.

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