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Simply Take, Take 2…

I’ve just had a sneak preview of the new Waitrose advert and I love it – it really took me back to the Sainsbury’s “Simply Take” adverts of the 1990’s which put great, simple and authentic ingredients at the heart of the advertising message for the very first time. The Waitrose campaign goes a step […]

Where should Retailers hunt to find incremental value from their Supplier relationships?

We, at 4C, are lucky that our individual and corporate experiences are not restricted to just Retail. We learn how different industries drive value from their respective business models. This got us thinking…what can we apply from other sectors to help Retail drive incremental value for their customers and stakeholders?    ‘…around $90 to $95 billion in merchandise will be heading back to stores…a total […]

Technology, Analytics and the future of buying

Technology, analytics and the future of buying

Technology and analytics will be one of the most disruptive forces for retail buyers in this new decade. The role of a buyer is on a quantum leap to a new unknown buying realm. But how exactly will technology change the way that retailers buy products?  1. USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO MAKE INTELLIGENT DECISIONS  Currently, some aspects of a buyer’s role are based entirely on their own opinion or supported by weak ‘trends-based’ evidence – for example ensuring the right new products are brought into store and fit in well with the […]

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