Mental Health Awareness Week at 4C

Mental Health Awareness Week at 4C

Hannah Prince Blog, Life at 4C

The 14th – 20th May 2018 was Mental Health Awareness Week in the United Kingdom, a week organised by the Mental Health Foundation, to highlight the subject of mental health and raise awareness of the issues and how they can affect us all. The focus of the 2018 week was stress, a key subject specifically for the workplace.
The Mental Health Foundation is a UK based charity which focuses on the prevention of mental health issues. They rely entirely upon public donations and grant funding to deliver their work and campaign for better mental health nationally.



According to the Mental Health Foundation, two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, with stress being a significant contributory factor. In addressing the issue of stress, we can work towards solving problems such as depression and anxiety, even self-harm and suicide. The aim of the week is to promote how employees and employers alike can work together to ensure that the workplace is mentally healthy, and is a comfortable and supportive environment.

Mental health is an important issue to 4C as an employer. We strive to ensure that the mental health of our staff is treated as being equally as important as their physical health. To promote this and support the work of the Mental Health Foundation, as well as ensuring that there is open and honest dialogue around the subject, 4C took part in Mental Health Awareness Week by holding a bake sale.



Staff at 4C raised £107.87 through the purchase of the homemade cakes, which was doubled by the business, resulting in a total of £215.74. This money will go straight to the Mental Health Foundation, to support their work in tackling the issue of mental health in the UK. The event was led by Olivia Grout, Human Resources Adviser who said, “4C Associates are a people driven business so the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees is of the utmost importance to us.

There still remains a stigma around mental health issues and asking for help when facing them. Getting involved with events like Mental Health Awareness week helps us raise awareness, challenge preconceptions and as a result donate some money to a good cause.”