Are you considering your next clinical outsourcing decision?

Especially in smaller biotechs, the need for speed often drives sub-optimal choices about value chain configuration – decisions that will stick with the enterprise potentially for decades, and bake in inefficiency to the business model from early stages.

We often see these same organisations grappling with how to identify, qualify and adopt new innovations and technologies. And once those “buy” decisions are made, they struggle with establishing the right capabilities to drive outsourcing excellence – doing the right deals and doing them well, and then ensuring value is driven from those deals throughout their lifetime.

We see organisations (big and small) then driving inefficiency into operations by not considering how best to cut the time from initiation to contract – how to work day-to-day with those outsource partners to create the most effective way to execute and remove wasted time from the necessary procurement, legal, financial and regulatory processes that co-exist with clinical innovation.

If you’re considering your next clinical outsourcing decision, why not seek expert counsel? Our team has over 20 years of experience with trial scoping, vendor selection, negotiation and outsourcing management once contracts are completed.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can support you, just as we’ve recently supported a leading nuclear medicines company, a mRNAI speciality pharma and a paediatric oncology company. For more information, please email  Rob Aitshison at