We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our category and functional knowledge and expertise. Our ‘Category Expertise Programme’ ensures that we continuously build and strengthen our capabilities: categories and their characteristics do not remain static and neither do we.

4C works extensively within the PE procurement sector providing both advisory and cost savings expertise to a wide range of PE clients. Our Private Equity services include:

Cross-Portfolio Cost Reduction Programme – a spend diagnostic is conducted to identify savings opportunities across portfolio companies followed by the implementation of individual projects and cross-portfolio managed services. Our approach ensures that the targets are validated with key stakeholders and that both the fund and company benefit from the sustainable EBITDA enhancement

Pre-exit EBITDA Improvement – building and executing procurement programmes focussed on enhancing EBITDA exit multipliers through an accelerated programme of strategic sourcing and deep category knowledge

Post-acquisition Integration – to capture the benefits identified during DD and realise as well as mitigating key supply chain risks in the newly acquired/merged entity

Sustainable EBITDA Margin Improvement –  focused procurement programmes (typically 9-18 months prior to exit) to generate sustainable EBITDA enhancements and process / service improvements that significantly benefit deal team leverage on exit

4C has extensive experience within the food manufacturing sector. We help our clients deliver programmes in both the Goods for Resale (GFR) and the Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) areas.

Typically our engagements fall into one of three types of approach: Procurement consultancy, cost reduction or outsourced service provision.

The delivery of procurement consultancy and cost reduction covers all the classic areas of GNFR and GFR. We hold within our highly sophisticated proprietary systems a wide range of benchmarking and analytical data that we deploy within client engagements to assist in all areas of service delivery.

These services complemented by our structured approaches and methodologies are highly developed and 4C is able to bring to bear the weight of thousands of projects covering all major spend areas. The work we do is innovative and agile allowing for precise estimation and delivery in a wide variety of scenarios.

The 4C outsourced provision within this sector is incredibly strong and our offering, through working with some of the biggest names in the industry, allows us to deliver long term solutions that continue to deliver best in class ROI year after year.

4C brings to the Oil and Gas sector a wealth of experience through detailed benchmark data and deep category specialisms.

4C works wit its client not only on Opex spend but also across its client base on global capex initiatives delving deep into the supply chain to unlock typically hidden savings.

Our teams will work with internal and external stakeholders to develop structured work packages and ‘total cost of ownership’ models that allows for much more detailed and defined pricing. Whilst the focus for many of our clients remains on cost the balance within this sector has to also factor in safety and security of supply.

The 4C teams on the ground from both an outsourced provision perspective as well as within the consultancy division fully understand this dynamic and strive to provide this balance and clarity in everything they deliver.

Working on an international basis 4C is able to deliver significant EBIT improvements for its clients within the retail sector.

4C is able to demonstrate a truly deep and diverse understanding of the requirements a retail owner may have, be it from the perspective of a PE backer or an existing management team, the depth of experience allows us to deliver in the most challenging circumstances.

Our programme scope covers both the Goods for Resale (GFR) and the Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) areas. Developed over the course of thousands of projects 4C is able to demonstrate deep expertise and understanding of the requirements of a retail business.

4C has a range highly sophisticated proprietary systems as well a depth of benchmarking and analytical data that we are able to deploy within client engagements allowing for rapid and sustainable savings delivery.

The work we do, covering all categories, is innovative and agile allowing for precise estimation and delivery in a wide variety of scenarios.

4C has worked with both big and small financial services companies including the major retail banks as well as global insurance companies more locally focused organisations.

With detailed knowledge across all relevant categories within this sector 4C understands the requirements of working with mature procurement functions. 4C is able to tackle locally focused procurement initiatives as well as driving and leading transformation across diverse and varied business functions.

Bringing a wealth of experience and category knowledge 4C is able to demonstrate both cost optimisation as well as transformational capability for both cost and efficiency advantage.

4C has been working within the Pharmaceutical sector for the last 15 years and has built up an extensive portfolio of clients and projects covering all areas of spend, particularly in across indirect spend and support functions.

The work we do typically spans multiple geographies as well as levels of complexity. 4C has developed a suite of bespoke programmes tailored for the Pharma industry in complex spend areas such as marketing, logistics and professional services.

With a focus on speed, as is so often required in industries with high levels of growth, 4C is able to work with clients to optimize not only cost but also drive efficiency and productivity through tailored procurement initiatives.

The high tech and telecoms sectors provide plenty of these type so challenge and often with companies that are acquisitive and have disparate organizational structures 4C is able to develop and deliver procurement solutions that deliver against both savings targets as well as bringing a procurement rigor to the client.

4C’s works spans both global organizations as well as smaller groups of companies who are looking for cumulative scale across their spend profile.