We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of our category and functional knowledge and expertise. Our ‘Category Expertise Programme’ ensures that we continuously build and strengthen our capabilities: categories and their characteristics do not remain static and neither do we.

4C works extensively within the PE procurement sector providing both advisory and cost savings expertise to a wide range of PE clients. Our Private Equity services include:

Cross-Portfolio Cost Reduction Programme – a spend diagnostic is conducted to identify savings opportunities across portfolio companies followed by the implementation of individual projects and cross-portfolio managed services. Our approach ensures that the targets are validated with key stakeholders and that both the fund and company benefit from the sustainable EBITDA enhancement

Pre-exit EBITDA Improvement – building and executing procurement programmes focussed on enhancing EBITDA exit multipliers through an accelerated programme of strategic sourcing and deep category knowledge

Post-acquisition Integration – to capture the benefits identified during DD and realise as well as mitigating key supply chain risks in the newly acquired/merged entity

Sustainable EBITDA Margin Improvement –  focused procurement programmes (typically 9-18 months prior to exit) to generate sustainable EBITDA enhancements and process / service improvements that significantly benefit deal team leverage on exit