consumer goods

Our team’s vast range of senior experience at consumer goods and retail businesses gives us a unique understanding of the sector’s challenges.

We help consumer products companies improve EBITDA by optimising cost structures and transforming sourcing functions.

value proposition

We also work with leading retailers to maximise commercial performance through buying better and improve value delivery throughout the product chain, from raw material to consumption and disposal. Combining our knowledge of retail operations as well as our experience with consumer products organisations allows us to optimize the entire value chain through alignment and collaboration.

Our 4SCAN tool and data partnership with Mintec allows us to provide commercial insight and advice on your direct materials and/or ingredient sourcing / product formulations in order to enhance profitability from your supply chain, whilst protecting your customers and the consumers.

We use our 4RISK tool to proactively identify higher-risk suppliers within your value chain so you can develop mitigation strategies that safeguard your business.

We focus on indirect spend areas such as marketing, logistics, MRO and factory ops, using tools and benchmarks to recommend rapid and sustainable cost reduction across your organisation.

Our Control > Optimise > Transform framework of improvement levers and bespoke 4SPEND analytics service will identify and implement improvements to your operations that reduces risk while protecting or enhancing the offer to your customer or the consumer.

4C will help your business develop agile strategies for the provision of in-house indirect procurement across four key foundations: People, Process, Systems and Structure.

We can run procurement delivery for as many of your indirect spend categories as needed to help your business focus resources on commercial areas that have a greater impact on your growth and profitability. Often managed on a balanced scorecard approach, linked to commercial delivery, performance improvements and our relationship-based delivery, we take away the noise and give you back savings to re-invest in growth.