European general merchandise retailer

Accelerated savings delivery programme covering all areas of indirect spend.

The food market in operates on tight profit margins and is extremely competitive. 4C was first selected to work on a targeted savings programme which after delivering significant quick wins, 4C was chosen to provide a second generation outsource to deliver longer term strategic initiatives. The subsequent steps of the collaboration has seen both companies work together to move the current project beyond tactical procurement and into true cost transformation.

  • Worked with the senior leadership team over a 4 week period to build and validate a robust opportunity assessment.
  • Built and executed a multi-workstream programme of 30 sourcing and demand management projects in 8 months.
  • Engaged stakeholder community with robust comms plan to change perceptions.
  • Programme extended for 3 years

value delivered

  • 19% savings on 3rd party expenditure.
  • Attributed with helping develop a culture of cost consciousness right across the company.
  • Improved the profitability of the company and made it more attractive for external investment.