Insight-As-A-Service combines 4C’s procurement knowledge and specific sector expertise with cutting-edge data analytics powered by AI and machine learning. We provide a range of focused applications that support the sourcing life cycle to manage projects, spend, contracts or risk. In addition, our consultants bring a combination of domain expertise and technology skills to support clients on bespoke analytics projects.

Whether your objective is improving data visibility and transparency, finding better ways of managing risk and compliance, enhancing profitability and performance or identifying savings opportunities, generating reliable prescriptive analytics is one of the biggest challenges procurement departments are facing nowadays. 4C will support you throughout the process of turning complex, unformatted and incomplete datasets into valuable and actionable insights.

Our team of procurement and analytics experts specialise in combining datasets into a single all-encompassing model. We build a data architecture that automates tasks and generates reports through deployment of both bespoke and off-the-shelf interfaces, putting insights at your fingertips thanks to the embedded procurement knowledge and analytical capability.

When everyone at your business can access a single, reliable data source, they can spend more time on real ’value-add’ activities. The 4C Analytics Toolsuite will help you be more effective through a range of data-driven decision support tools, which maximizes your profitability and general business efficiency.