How to incentivise advertising agencies

How to incentivise advertising agencies

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There are a number of different methods that companies can use to measure marketing performance.  A good way to think about these is to divide them into three categories – Advertising Performance, client Account Performance and Business Performance – these then cover all the metrics considered to be of key importance. As part of your regular advertising activity you will …

Essential ingredients for incentivising advertising agencies

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Measuring the performance of marketing campaigns is crucial for effective long term campaign management and the implementation of adequate incentives for agencies. Campaign, client and business performance should all be measured in order to develop an adequately informed view as all major metrics should be covered. Companies track campaign performance by surveying brand awareness through market research conducted before and …

Advertising costs to increase in 2012

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With global advertising spend expected to rise by 6% this year, businesses must prepare for costs in the sector to increase. 4C industry sources indicate that advertising prices within the media market will likely increase by 3.3 per cent.  Internet advertising inflation is expected to rise by seven per cent, radio by five per cent and television by three per …