Know your stuff – retail is detail

Simon Latham Blog, Retail

I was pleased to see a significant number of major retailers (including Tesco, M&S, ASDA & Sainsbury’s) and the BRC come out publicly expressing their concern about a “no deal” Brexit, citing significant disruption in the supply chain and a somewhat depleted choice of fresh foods for customers. As an avid Twitter user, I particularly enjoyed reading the many diverse …

Supply Management: ‘Sub-optimal’ customs system in no-deal Brexit

4C Associates In the press

Milan Panchmatia, managing partner at procurement outsourcing provider 4C Associates, commented: “In recent weeks we have seen an increase in planning for the stockpiling of dry foods within the grocery sector, as well with organisations such as BT and HP who are considering taking additional warehousing space in the UK to build up stockpiles of key networking equipment.” Read more

Spend Matters: Brexit Webinar – What Should Procurement Be Doing?

4C Associates In the press

Talk about timing. We put the date in the diary for our webinar on Brexit and procurement with software firm Jaggaer back in August, I think it was. So, we obviously had no idea that last Thursday would be the day when the tentative agreement between the UK and the EU would be published, leading to a tempestuous day of ministerial resignations, …

Spend Matters: What Procurement Needs To Think About for Life after Brexit by Scenario

4C Associates In the press

Jeremy Smith Managing Partner at 4C Associates spoke at eWorld recently, taking a look at some of the ways Procurement can help the organisation prepare for Brexit – in whichever form it comes. He looked at some of the challenges procurement can start to think about, their more global implications for the UK and some of the more localised effects on procurement. …

A positive view of Brexit II–They may have the discipline, but we have the money

A positive view of Brexit II – They may have the discipline, but we have the money

Steve Harrison Blog, Brexit

I started 2017 with a blog suggesting that getting a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU was unlikely, because they will initially be unwilling and ultimately unable to agree a deal at a price that is reasonable to the UK. Six months on we take stock of how things have panned out so far. Not the politics, but rather …

Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

Felix Benscheid Blog, Brexit, Retail

With Brexit being the leading creator of uncertainty, especially for European businesses, the undefined current geopolitical situation is heavily influencing international business. Even though some may argue that the impact of Brexit on China will be limited, Brexit and its following agreements will create political and economic opportunities and threats that will not stay unrecognised. The ambiguity on currency fluctuation, …

Deal or no Deal

Brexit: Deal or no deal

William Tickel Blog, Brexit, Retail

If the last 12 months have been any indicator, the only certainty is that we can’t be certain of what will happen in the months and weeks leading us up to March 2019. This said, if the current situation offers us any clues, we should be prepared for the possibility of a post-Brexit-Britain without a Free-Trade deal with the European …

How Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape

How Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape

Emanuel Modrovic Blog, Brexit, Retail

Against the background of a ticking two-year clock, this analysis will argue that Brexit will reshape the UK Retail landscape by shuffling the cards once more. There are 3 key Brexit-related challenges facing retailers: Currency and financial movements This is an effect that has already been hitting retailers operating in the UK. Movements of exchange rates outside of their typical …

Brexit-Preparing for the After Life

Brexit – Preparing for the afterlife

Gopal Iyer Blog, Brexit, Retail

The June 2016 referendum brought to life even the sleepiest of the analysts, with everyone having their views on how Brexit would reshape the UK economic and social structure – most of them predicting a severe and immediate impact. The more structured arguments signalled immediate impacts on services (Forex, stock markets), near term impact on movement of goods (tariffs, import/export) …