Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

Brexit – New opportunities for Chinese businesses?

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With Brexit being the leading creator of uncertainty, especially for European businesses, the undefined current geopolitical situation is heavily influencing international business. Even though some may argue that the impact of Brexit on China will be limited, Brexit and its following agreements will create political and economic opportunities and threats that will not stay unrecognised. The ambiguity on currency fluctuation, …

Procurement and Supply Australasia: CEOs still don’t ‘get’ what their procurement teams do

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Leading management consultancy, 4C Associates has conducted research of over 500 procurement professionals. Of those surveyed, 48 per cent say their boss still doesn’t ‘get’ what the procurement team does or can do.  A total of 55 per cent say they are treated as a ‘support’ function – there to just cut costs rather than recognised for the strategic value they …

Putting procurement at the heart of the business

Putting procurement at the heart of the business

Mark Ellis Blog, Procurement

Mark Ellis, Managing Partner at 4C Associates considers the steps the function needs to take if it is to drive strategic business decisions. Procurement has come a long way in the past few years. In some enterprises, the function has gone from being seen as ‘blockers’, ‘bean counters’, ‘policy enforcers’ and ‘enemy of innovation’, to being viewed as a strategic …

Managing growing pains and gains – PayPal

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PayPal, a global e-commerce business which enables payments to be made online, is part of a select group of organisations currently experiencing tremendous growth. Speaking at The Economist’s CFO Summit 2013, Patrick Dupuis, Chief Financial Officer at PayPal, explained the steps being taken by the company to ensure it remained a growing, innovative business. Evolving Within the High Growth Mobile …