Improving cost efficiency through spend analytics

Improving cost efficiency through spend analytics

Yorick Plouvier Blog, Technology

Spend analytics is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing data, helping to gain visibility and transparency into spend data, tracking procurement and financial performance metrics, and to providing actionable insights.  Companies perform spend analysis for several reasons, the core business driver for most organizations being profitability. In addition to improving compliance and reducing cycle times, performing detailed spend …

The End of Supermarket Price Wars-

The end of supermarket price wars?

Jeremy Smith In the press

Supermarkets waging price wars is nothing new, however, the sustainability of the practice has long been called into question. The past two years, and the previous Tesco-dominated era, have been all about slashing costs and delivering the cheapest products possible. While this has proved advantageous for cash-strapped customers, and the growth of the likes of Aldi and Lidl, it has …

International Business Times: Big Data Will Cut Business Costs but Not Jobs

admin In the press

Companies will save money in the long term by investing in huge data management and storage capabilities, says consultancy firm 4C Associates. Speaking to IBTimes TV at the EIU CFO Summit, the consultancy firm’s managing director, Ed Ainsworth, also added that it could significantly help a company to become more profitable as it allows firms to better understand and manage their …