Procurement and big data

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It comes as no surprise that the procurement function is using big data to drive digital change. According to a recent survey of over 650 leaders in procurement, supply chain and finance from Europe and North America, 72 percent of respondents stated big data and predictive analytics as one of the top five priorities for their organisations. These organisations are investing heavily in technologies that, beyond cost savings …

Getting personal – using data to tailor retail services

Getting personal – using data to tailor retail services

Andrew Davidson Blog, Retail

4C Associates’ Andrew Davidson considers how added personalisation benefits both retailers and their customers. Before I explore the vast array of advantages offered by personalised retail services, I would like to clarify two common misconceptions. The first is that gathering, analysing and actioning data is expensive. I remain astounded by the amount of retailers not gathering insight through simple loyalty …

Using data analytics to enhance the bottom line

Using data analytics to enhance the bottom line

Jeremy Smith Blog, Private Equity

The exponential increase in the amount of data available means there are more opportunities than ever for businesses to drive profitable growth and enterprise value. Many companies are already making use of the data available to them and a survey published by Forbes found that 53% of companies have adopted big data practices, up from 17% in 2015. However, there …

Spend Analysis Moving to Real Analytics

Spend analysis moving to real analytics

Mark Ellis In the press

A lot has been written about spend analysis – analytics, cognitive procurement, big data and how to manage structured and unstructured data within your organisation. What we see in practice is a lot of companies working on three tiers of capability: Some companies still manage their spend analytics through the ERP-based data-warehouse, where static reports are generated and run at a …

Data driven procurement in the sports industry

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In the past decade, many professional sports teams have dramatically increased their reliance on Management Information (MI). This data, which includes player specific metrics such as average match speed, distance covered and successful tackles, has proven invaluable to coaches looking to develop game winning tactics. Rugby players, for example, are now tracked via GPS to enable coaches to evaluate an …