Managing complexity for growth

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Speaking at The Economist’s CFO Summit 2013, Cathy Smith, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Chief Financial Officer at Walmart International, discussed how global companies can juggle multiple challenges and steer their business towards sustainable growth. Walmart opened its first shop outside of the U.S.A. in Mexico in 1992. Since then the company has grown significantly and now operates shops …

CIPS Conference 2012 - "Building the Profession of the Future"

CIPS Conference 2012 – “Building the Profession of the Future”

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This year’s CIPS Conference, “Building the Profession of the Future”, saw some of the industry’s most high profile leaders discuss how buyers can tackle the new challenges facing the sector. 4C Associates was a Gold Sponsor at the event and was invited to host a session on cost leadership.David Noble, CEO of CIPS, opened the conference with a speech underlining the increased …

Growth through innovation Roundtable 2012

Growth through innovation Roundtable 2012

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Speaking to the Treasury Select Committee, Bank of England Governor, Sir Mervyn King said; “When this crisis began in 2007, most people did not believe we would still be here. I don’t think we’re yet half way through this. I’ve always said that and I’m still saying it. My estimate of how long it will take to recover is expanding …

Marketing and procurement driving growth together

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Driving growth through cutting costs and increasing effectiveness has become a priority for many businesses. This has amplified pressure on marketing departments to work with procurement and look beyond simply reviewing contracts and suppliers.In many large organisations marketing and procurement teams have been collaborating for years and have already achieved substantial cost and efficiency improvements. These include better suppliers, improved …