NHS Procurement – Staffing Agency Partnerships, Not “Rip-Offs”

NHS Procurement – Staffing agency partnerships, not “rip-offs”

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There has been plenty of media coverage recently about the need for a “clamp down on some of the staffing agencies ripping off the NHS.” As a procurement professional who has worked as both a Non-Executive Director (NED) and business consultant in the NHS, it saddens me to believe that an essential part of the workforce supply chain (nursing and …

Reverse innovation – book review

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As much of the global economy continues to evolve in a difficult environment, the notion that innovation stems from the more developed nations is increasingly inaccurate. The term “Reverse Innovation” refers to an innovation which has its roots in the developing world but is eventually embraced across the globe.In Reverse Innovation, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble encourage businesses to focus …