Will 'One Below' succeed as a new discounter?

Will ‘One Below’ succeed as a new discounter?

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A new discount retailer opened its doors recently on UK high streets. The chain, known as ‘One Below’ initially opened four stores in Leeds, South Shields and Doncaster. All four sites were previously occupied by the failed discount retailer Poundworld but the link with Poundworld doesn’t just end there. One Below is the brainchild of father and son team Chris …

Multi channel, can you make it work?

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In 2000 I was involved in the music industry. I witnessed first hand the “rabbit in the headlights” strategy of all the major labels, panicking faced with the 10% yearly drop in sales of physical products, such as CDs, while digital was not making any money. They drained CD production departments of all their brainpower and focused 100% of resources …

Reducing excess waste in supermarket supply chains

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Short shelf life is one of the most obvious differences between food products and non-perishable goods. Whereas items such as manufacturing supplies and stationary are fairly straightforward to transport, food products pose numerous challenges. Buyers must pay close attention to a multitude of details, specific to the sector, if they are to optimise operations and drive growth. Fresh Products and …