Death of the generalist- Is this true for marketing procurement-

Death of the generalist? Is this true for marketing procurement?

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As PepsiCo announces the dissolution of its global marketing procurement department, 4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia & Emanuel Modrovic examine the rise of the specialist In many sectors, a traditional career path will see someone work their way up through the ranks, over a period of time. As they continue this upwards trajectory, the expectation on them will be to take …

Marketing and procurement – making the relationship work

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A challenging economic climate has seen many marketing departments put under increased pressure to optimise spend and reporting. Marketers across the globe have found themselves with little option, but to turn to procurement for support. In many companies this “mandatory” collaboration has led to a blossoming relationship. I do not doubt that many marketers were sceptical when they first began …

Five tips for getting procurement and marketing together

Five tips for getting procurement and marketing together

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As many companies look to freeze marketing budgets, Steven Sargent examines how procurement can help maximise value. The latest IPA Bellwether Report has revealed an increase in marketing expenditure of just 0.1 per cent for the first quarter of 2013. This reigning in of spend could well prove problematic for marketing departments faced with mounting advertising costs. As a function dedicated to ensuring …

Marketing ROI in action

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Understanding ROI (Return On Investment) is key to optimising marketing spend. Numerous models and methodologies exist and at 4C we utilise a broad set of tools and strategies to determine where marketing spend is most effective. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, which mainly equate to a trade-off between the time and cost of the process and the …

Marketing and procurement driving growth together

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Driving growth through cutting costs and increasing effectiveness has become a priority for many businesses. This has amplified pressure on marketing departments to work with procurement and look beyond simply reviewing contracts and suppliers.In many large organisations marketing and procurement teams have been collaborating for years and have already achieved substantial cost and efficiency improvements. These include better suppliers, improved …

Oystercatchers gain new strategic partnership from 4C Associates

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Marketing consultancy Oystercatchers, founded by Suki Thompson and Peter Cowie have developed strategic partnership with procurement specialist, 4C Associates. The strengthened relationship enables Oystercatchers with 4C to provide clients with unrivalled advice on how to maximise their marketing spend in this challenging market place. They believe that they will be able to offer broader and more in- depth market and …