Talking programmatic buying with your Media Agency

Talking programmatic buying with your media agency

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There is, I believe, an inevitability that programmatic buying will play a larger part in your media buying landscape over time. The level of efficiency it brings as well as speed of response is likely to drive part of the agenda in the majority of media pitches. As with all procurement activities, understanding the subject matter and mechanics of how …

Keeping print profitable

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It is no secret that the majority of newspapers are losing money across the Western world. Traditional print media is suffering from digital competition and remains unsure how to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by websites and smart devices.The issue for newspaper and magazine publishers is that the digital side of the business is not growing at the same rate …

Advertising costs to increase in 2012

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With global advertising spend expected to rise by 6% this year, businesses must prepare for costs in the sector to increase. 4C industry sources indicate that advertising prices within the media market will likely increase by 3.3 per cent.  Internet advertising inflation is expected to rise by seven per cent, radio by five per cent and television by three per …