Reshoring – Is It Really Happening and What Are the Benefits?

Reshoring – Is it really happening and what are the benefits?

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Reshoring or onshoring, is becoming increasingly popular in a number of sectors in the UK. The term refers to the practice of bringing back, or reshoring, functions previously outsourced overseas. There are a number of reasons why reshoring is a growing trend, namely a reduction in the wage gap between developed and developing economies, but also a desire to have …

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

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2012 has been a challenging year for many businesses. A difficult economic climate coupled with huge pressure to cut costs, forced many finance leaders to substantially alter their business strategies. As a result many new and innovative cost transformation techniques were developed. 4C Insights kept on top of the latest trends and best practice solutions to emerge throughout the year.  …

Onshoring vs offshoring: the winds of change

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Was 2012 the year rising labour and transport costs made offshoring a costly and impracticable option? A rise in labour and transport costs means that offshoring functions to China, and other nations in the Far East, does not always represent best value. In fact, a growing number of western companies have begun repatriating or ‘onshoring’ certain activities. Surging Costs and …