If You’re Small, Source Smart Globally

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Unlike large energy conglomerates, smaller energy companies ought to take advantage of global sourcing in order to remain competitive in the markets. Unfortunately, many are still ill equipped to do so, owing to the complexities involved in cross-border buying. Nevertheless, there can be significant upside if it’s done right. Smaller firms within energy markets may have the tendency to source …

Oil and Gas Insights Winter 2018/19

Oil and Gas Insights Winter 2018/19

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Welcome to the first of 4C Associates’ quarterly Oil & Gas sector update. This bulletin is aimed to provide you with a short overview of the current occurrences within the sector, as well as key information that is critical to anyone working in the industry. Included in the bulletin, you’ll be able to find crude oil prices, company updates, opinions …

Low Oil Price Effects on Procurement and Cost Cutting

Low oil price effects on procurement and cost cutting

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2015 was the beginning of the storm to hit the oil and gas industry, with the world’s demand for oil falling and supply increasing, the resulting price of a barrel has plummeted to record lows not seen since the last crash in the early 2000s. This has driven a change of attitude across the industry to really examine expenditure, leading …