The rise of managed legal services

The rise of managed legal services

Dan White Blog, Procurement

During recent years, the nature of Professional Services procurement has really evolved. Professional Services buyers are under increasing pressure to improve the quality of the service provided, while also having to come up with innovative ways to reduce costs to the business. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in Legal Services, where we are seeing increasingly creative operating …

Facilities Management - Should I outsource the spend?

Facilities Management – Should I outsource the spend?

Tarun Nagpal and Sunny Agnihotri Blog, FM, Outsourcing

At 4C we often get asked to evaluate whether our clients’ third party spend is being spent in the most optimal manner and to recommend ways of making it better. While undertaking such an analysis, we challenge the spend, using our “Control, Optimise and Transform” model, from multiple perspectives e.g. price benchmarking, inhouse/outsource, process simplification, specification optimization, service mix etc. …

Selecting the Right Outsourcing Provider

Selecting the right outsourcing provider

Milan Panchmatia In the press

Deciding to bring on a third-party provider can have multiple benefits. Chief amongst these is access to a cost-effective resource to cutting costs and delivering value. In an environment characterised by economic uncertainty the attraction is clear. However, not all providers offer the same service and it’s essential to select one which can mirror your expectations. Read full article on …

Reshoring – Is It Really Happening and What Are the Benefits?

Reshoring – Is it really happening and what are the benefits?

Milan Panchmatia In the press

Reshoring or onshoring, is becoming increasingly popular in a number of sectors in the UK. The term refers to the practice of bringing back, or reshoring, functions previously outsourced overseas. There are a number of reasons why reshoring is a growing trend, namely a reduction in the wage gap between developed and developing economies, but also a desire to have …

Financial Director: An outsourced business financing partner

admin In the press

The outsourcing of finance functions is not a new phenomenon. But can providers take on an even greater role which goes beyond what FDs would traditionally consider could be taken off-site: the one responsible for business financing? “It is definitely here today. The outsourcing industry has the capability to offer [business partnering] as a service. Most large outsourcers specialise by industry …

The Future of IT outsourcing?

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The imminent death of outsourcing has been widely reported. Partly due to US economic woes and the close alignment with offshoring, outsourcing is suddenly off the agenda.  These developments leave us with a question; where will the future of IT outsourcing lie? Is there a justification for keeing the IT function in-house?. Application outsourcing deals, based on labour arbitrage, have become less …

Successfully outsourcing MRO

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With benefits including improvements in the engineering stores area, coupled with supply chain consolidation, outsourcing engineering stores currently represents best industry practice. An increasing number of British manufacturers are moving towards a business model which encompasses fully outsourced engineering stores. This approach allows the manufacturer to engage with a single supplier for its requirement of engineering spares.  Benefits of a …

Manufacturing costs – cheap as China? part 2

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GlaxoSmithKline has announced plans to invest £500m in the UK to build a new manufacturing facility. This is the first time in the past 40 years that the company will build a factory on British soil. As mentioned in a previous post – Cheap as China? – the economics of global production are changing and the benefits of manufacturing abroad are decreasing. …

Cost of manufacturing – cheap as China?

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With the cost of manufacturing goods in China increasing, is it time for companies to move their factories elsewhere?A survey of more than 200 Hong Kong based manufacturers, carried out by Standard Chartered, revealed that local salaries have risen by an average of 10% this year.  Foxconn Technology Group, one of the manufacturers behind Apple’s iPad, estimated that it had …

4C Associates HobNobs with United Biscuits in Procurement Expansion

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Procurement company increases management spend contract to over £170m per annum across UK and Northern Europe London, UK– 1 December 2009: 4C Associates, a CIPS prize-winning procurement solutions company, today announces the expansion of its procurement services contract with United Biscuits, expanding its total spend management for the company to over £170m per annum. This represents a significant increase of …