Procurement’s strategic role in private equity investment value creation

Mike Lander Blog, Private Equity

The era is long gone when Private Equity was heavily reliant on financial engineering to generate the necessary returns from their portfolio investments. Over the last decade, financial market dynamics have meant that PE firms need to focus increasingly on improving the operational efficiencies of the underlying assets to generate the required returns. This in turn has seen an increasingly …

Enhancing EBITDA in Private Equity backed Professional and Recruitment Services

Enhancing EBITDA in private equity backed professional and recruitment services

Mike Lander Blog, Private Equity

It would be easy to argue that Procurement activity to deliver EBITDA improvement is the same in any sector so why focus on Professional/Recruitment Services businesses? The reality is, a critical understanding of sector dynamics, company culture and 3rd party cost/sales ratios all play an important part in how savings are prioritised and delivered. For example, the key challenges facing …