Does SRM bring a step change to procurement?

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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and innovation are two words frequently used in the same sentence. SRM has long been touted as the next step for many procurement departments looking to bring about a step change. The reason for this is simple. In many industries, suppliers are coming under increasing cost pressure and are simply unable to reduce costs alone. By …

If the UK withdraws from Europe, what will be the impacts on UK procurement prices and practices?

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Referendum Since the Prime Minister’s announcement of his intention to hold a referendum on the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union, questions around the impact of a possible change have seldom been far from the minds of businesses and the media alike. But what would the impact be on procurement? Although it is possible that the UK will continue …

Procurement innovation is still about people

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Earlier this month we held a round table on procurement innovation with a number of leading CPOs. Most of the discussion was around the key trends of economics, sustainability and technology that we’ve written about here. However, in the discussion at the end we asked what were the key issues that all of these procurement heads were concerned about now? …