Commodity Risk Management

Commodity Risk Management: Connecting the Arab spring, Manchester United and JFK

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Spring 2011: Prince William was getting married to Catherine Middleton, the Arab spring was dominating geo-politics, Portugal was being bailed out by the EU and Manchester United were winning the English Premier League. This was also the peak of the last commodity cycle. Unlike the financial collapse of 2008 (the previous commodity peak) it was not clear during 2011, or …

Balancing risk management with growth

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Today’s CFOs find themselves in a position where they have to guard against an increasing number of threats, whilst driving business growth. The challenge for finance leaders is to successfully mitigate threats and ensure that tighter margins do not translate into a lack of preparedness. Predicting Black Swans Speaking on the issues which are currently affecting the oil business, Julian …

The challenges of seasonal stock

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As profit margins tighten and businesses continue to search for ways to increase cash flow and mitigate risks, reducing stockholding is an increasingly attractive option for companies. One of the main issues raised by this strategy is the lack of flexibility it affords businesses faced with high, seasonal demand for products. Costs of Seasonal Stock Although there are many potential …

Minimising supply risk

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Given volatile supply chains, commodity prices and currency rates, how are CFOs protecting revenues and profits? On Christmas Eve 2008, Zavvi, Britain’s largest independent music retailer, went bust. But this wasn’t a failure of falling sales and missing profits, indeed revenue was up 10% earlier in the year despite the recession. No, Zavvi went into administration due to a lack …

The changing role of the CEO

The changing role of the CEO

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This year’s CFO Summit, organised by Economist Conferences, saw expert speakers discuss strategies to help finance leaders tackle their increasingly complex roles. Turbulent economic times require finance leaders to deal with issues ranging from developing talent and engaging with the media to the more traditional aspects of supply chain. This article examines the main themes discussed at the summit including …