Lean supply chains - Walking the tightrope

Lean supply chains – Walking the tightrope

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Supply Chain

Milan Panchmatia examines how supply chains have been affected by recent natural disasters and how businesses have sought to minimise future risks. Globalisation has provided businesses across the globe with countless opportunities to reshape their supply chains and reach out to new customers. In some sectors, the sheer number of suppliers available has allowed leading organisations to completely alter their …

Procurement fraud – are we being complacent?

Procurement fraud – are we being complacent?

Philip Joss Blog, Procurement

As fraudsters get better and better at targeting businesses, 4C’s Philip Joss considers the gravity of the issue and looks at what counter measures can be employed to minimise risks. Procurement fraud is a difficult area for many organisations to tackle. This is not only due to the ever-growing array of threats facing businesses, but also the sheer magnitude of …

Supply Management: What you need to do now about Brexit

4C Associates In the press

Following Theresa May’s speech this week outlining a move towards hard Brexit, buyers will need shrewd contingency and risk planning. A recent report from Credit Suisse, examining trade relationships between the UK and EU countries, highlighted that many of the existing supply chains crossing the channel are designed to function within a single market. Breaking that single market, it warned, may …

European private equity and international expansion risks

European private equity and international expansion risks

Charlotte Wales Blog, Private Equity

When European private equity firms are considering investing in companies that have ambitions to expand internationally, associated ESG risks must be focused on more sharply as part of this strategy, particularly when the targeted markets are in the Middle East, Africa and Indian regions. Investment in some of these less well-regulated markets and industries comes with far greater operational risk …

Spend Matters: Managing Risk – Collaborative Supplier Relationship Management (Part 3)

4C Associates In the press

The last two articles on data supply chain management and procurement capabilities have discussed having the required data to support Procurement delivery and tracking, and some of the many approaches that can be taken in transforming the role of Procurement in an organisation. This article now explains how these two can combine to move on from traditional category management to the …

Spend Matters: Managing Risk – Increase Your Focus on the Value of Procurement Capabilities (Part 2)

Jeremy Smith In the press

The common barrier to new Procurement functions is that they are seen as administrative, as blockers to delivery. One way to respond to this is to take small steps forward by beginning with giving the operations teams what they want and making small, incremental improvements as we go. This works, we’ve seen it, but it isn’t quick, nor particularly impactful. Read …

Spend Matters: Managing Risk – Data Driven Supplier Management Programmes Are Key (Part 1)

4C Associates In the press

Increasingly complex supply chains, tighter margins and global economic uncertainty have pushed risk management rapidly up the corporate agenda. The good news is that technological solutions, data analysis platforms and procurement best practice have all evolved at pace. This is the first in a three-part series of articles by Jeremy Smith, Director at 4C Associates on the changing roles of procurement, supplier management and …

Risk optimisation

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Risk plays an inherent role in the development of any leading business. This is particularly true in the current economic climate, where the most successful companies are often those which effectively manage risk. As the economy becomes increasingly globalised, companies are finding themselves exposed to more risks. Tighter margins and lean, extended supply chains have further magnified the potential effects …