Future of Sourcing: How artificial intelligence is transforming business

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a much used and abused term, potentially at the top of its hype cycle.  In one of her recent speeches Theresa May identified AI as a major growth area for British businesses and Juniper research estimated that AI will save businesses $8 billion a year by 2020. AI is predicted to disrupt business and procurement over …

Consultancy.uk: 4C Associates boosts procurement services with Scanmarket partnership

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London-based procurement consultancy 4C Associates has announced a partnership with Scanmarket, one of the world’s premier providers of software solutions for sourcing. As part of the alliance, 4C Associates, which becomes Scanmarket’s tenth major consultancy partner, consultants of 4C Associates can leverage the technology in engagements to the benefit of the firm’s clients. In a bid to enhance its cost …

“See Now, Buy Now” sourcing and the fashion industry

“See Now, Buy Now” sourcing and the fashion industry

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Changing consumer behaviour has led to a revolution in fashion retail. 4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia considers how the “See Now, Buy Now” approach will impact established practices. Generally speaking, businesses which sell directly to consumers tend to be those which need to be most reactive to their demands. The propagation of connected devices has led to an increasingly expectant population, …

The challenge of ethical sourcing for fashion brands

The challenge of ethical sourcing for fashion brands

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4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia examines how global fashion companies can balance sustainable supply chains with the need to grow their business. Supply chains are increasingly fragmented and complex. Rapidly changing demand, economic uncertainty and higher levels of competition, mean businesses are constantly having to review their supply lines. Nowhere is this truer than in the fashion industry. Here companies are …

The secret to successful e-auctions

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How can procurement make sure it’s getting the most out of the e-auction process? Historically, e-auctions were designed to ensure the best prices for commonly used low cost goods such as stationary or component parts. However, the practice has since evolved into an important asset in procurement’s toolset and can provide exceptional value when applied in the correct circumstances. A …