What do monopolistic suppliers have in common with top-level footballers?

What do monopolistic suppliers have in common with top-level footballers

Alfred Morris Blog, Procurement

The issue with monopolistic suppliers and top-level footballers is the perception that under changing circumstances they have the power to dictate terms. Many of us will have seen our clubs held to ransom by one of its superstars and a few of us seen a similar situation at our organisations by that one tricky supplier. In this context, how can …

Driving value in in Private Equity though portfolio procurement (1)

Driving value in Private Equity though portfolio procurement

Jeremy Smith Blog, Private Equity

With Private Equity  firms increasingly under pressure to improve operational efficiencies within their assets as a means to drive value, Jeremy Smith considers procurement’s role. All mid-market Private Equity companies recognise the value procurement can bring in terms of sustainable EBITDA improvement, however, the portfolio companies they invest in often lack leverage given their scale in any given market. This …

Supply chain financing

The evolution of supply chain finance

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Supply Chain

Back in October 2012, the Prime Minister unveiled a new scheme aimed at helping smaller businesses secure affordable finance. The initiative received a wide range of support and leading companies, including Diageo, Kingfisher, Tesco and IBM all signed up. The popularity of the scheme and the fact it was driven by both public and private sector organisations, indicates the potential …

‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ – Cutting-Edge Procurement

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ – Cutting-edge procurement

Jeremy Smith In the press

At a first glance, procurement and innovation come across as unlikely bedfellows. Whereas one is historically focused on delivering short-term savings, the other is more outward-looking and engaged in delivering less tangible results – at least in the short term. This outdated view of procurement’s relationship with innovation continues to persist in a number of companies despite numerous developments. An unstable …

The secret to successful e-auctions

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How can procurement make sure it’s getting the most out of the e-auction process? Historically, e-auctions were designed to ensure the best prices for commonly used low cost goods such as stationary or component parts. However, the practice has since evolved into an important asset in procurement’s toolset and can provide exceptional value when applied in the correct circumstances. A …

Encouraging supplier innovation

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In a world dominated by increasingly tight margins and cost pressure, companies are struggling to deliver savings via some of the more traditional methods. Whereas in the past businesses could demand that their suppliers cut costs by a certain percentage on a yearly basis, in many mature sectors this is no longer a sustainable option. In this context, a number …

Why can’t we define supplier relationship management?

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Go to any conference or read any article on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and the first thing that will come up is the need to outline what is meant by SRM. In stark contrast, Category Management, Strategic Sourcing and even Contract Management, are all relatively well defined. However, there is no universally accepted definition of SRM that provides a similar level of …

What do incumbent suppliers have in common with Luis Suarez?

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The underlying issue of long term contracts is that changing circumstances may render terms unappealing to one, or even both, of the relevant parties. In this context, how can the buying party ensure a certain level of control? In this post, I have turned to the lucrative world of football for inspiration. Benching Nasri The Premier League has seen several …

Effective SRM: A Win- Win Situation?

Effective SRM: A Win- Win Situation?

k a Blog, SRM

With procurement functions under increasing pressure to deliver quick win savings, long term projects such as Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) are often put to one side. In addition, there is a divide in opinion regarding the involvement of buyers in SRM; in some business the functions are kept separate whereas in others SRM is part and parcel of the procurement …