Do soft skills trump qualifications?

Do soft skills trump qualifications?

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Milan Panchmatia considers whether procurement departments should be focusing on recruiting candidates with soft skills over those with academic credentials. Few would argue that hiring a candidate based purely on their academic achievements is a good idea. Anyone who has managed a team knows that multiple elements need to be taken into account before recruiting someone. This is especially true …

Likely bedfellows - Procurement and Innovation

Likely bedfellows – Procurement and Innovation

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Procurement

4C Associates’ Milan Panchmatia explores the complex and evolving relationship between procurement and innovation. The word ‘innovation’ is overused. It has become one of the cornerstones of corporate jargon and in doing so has lost much of its meaning. To innovate means to do something new. That does not necessarily refer to a completely new product, but also to finding …

Attracting best talent to procurement

Attracting the best talent to procurement

Milan Panchmatia Blog, Procurement

Procurement is finally starting to get some of the recognition it deserves, but we need the right talent to make sure it keeps evolving. The challenging economic climate that we have experienced for the past few years has seen procurement make the step up from being a cost saver to a strategic partner. Whereas the function was once viewed as a …

The new procurement – what skillset is needed to be successful now?

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Procurement is playing an increasingly important role in many businesses and the skillset of those working in the function needs to evolve to reflect this. Procurement’s increased involvement in wider business strategy has altered the skillset needed by those working in the function. Generally speaking this has manifested itself in a focus on skills related to relationship management and strategic …

Effective Performance is not Dependent on Qualifications

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4C Associates‘ first debate of 2013, focused on the benefits of qualifications versus experience. Andrew Cox, Chairman of Advisory Board & Vice-President at International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply, argued against the motion, whereas Tina Greer, Managing Partner at 4C Associates, debated for. Effective Performance is not Dependent on Qualifications Hiring managers agree that the key to selecting candidates, …