Using AI to drive growth through savings

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Global spending on AI continues its trajectory of rapid growth as businesses increasingly recognise the value it brings and invest in projects that utilise their artificial intelligence capabilities. The International Data Corporation predicts that global AI spend will increase 50% per year, to over $50b by 2021, which shows the importance of implementing AI into business strategies globally. However, it’s not just about the AI tools …

Future of Sourcing: How artificial intelligence is transforming business

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a much used and abused term, potentially at the top of its hype cycle.  In one of her recent speeches Theresa May identified AI as a major growth area for British businesses and Juniper research estimated that AI will save businesses $8 billion a year by 2020. AI is predicted to disrupt business and procurement over …

Procurement: The Underdog in Private Equity

Procurement: The Underdog in Private Equity

Zachary Bachir Blog, Private Equity

Most executives in the PE world understand that procurement helps embed commercial discipline within an organisation by managing its spend patterns and behaviours. The more robust its policies and processes, the more this value is reflected in the bottom line. But there’s a bigger reason behind procurement’s appeal, and that’s because it can be easily leveraged to deliver significant EBITDA …