Supply Chain Digital: CEOs still don’t ‘get’ what their procurement teams do

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According to research involving over 500 procurement professionals* by leading management consultancy, 4C Associates, 48percent said that their boss still doesn’t ‘get’ what the procurement team does or can do.  55percent say they are treated as a ‘support’ function – there to just cut costs rather than recognised for the strategic value they can add across the business such as developing supplier …

Finding value in the tail end

Finding value in the tail end

Robin Agarwal Blog, Procurement

4C’s Robin Agarwal examines the benefits organisations can uncover by taking a closer look at tail spend Many have discussed Indirect spend tail management and the benefits that it can deliver to companies. However, having worked in Direct materials and services procurement with numerous businesses, we have first-hand experience that Direct tail spend is frequently mismanaged as well. The reason? …

Why procurement has to stop only talking about ‘savings’ and focus on strategic value

Why procurement has to stop only talking about ‘savings’ and focus on strategic value

Jeremy Smith Blog, Procurement

A look at why the procurement  function needs to move beyond pure cost cutting and better publicise the leadership and revenue growth opportunities it can bring to the boardroom. It’s no secret that procurement was one of the few functions to emerge triumphant from the financial crisis. Leading businesses faced with increasingly uncertain forecasts found themselves reliant on optimising cost …

Logistics Manager: New ways of thinking

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Companies bring in consultants for a range   of reasons, but perhaps the most valuable is to bring new thinking to a business problem. But what about measuring the return on investment of a consultancy? Simon Terry, CEO of 4C Associates says that this can be incredibly easy sometimes, depending on the project being worked on. Read full article here.