Is this the death of marketing procurement-

Is this the death of marketing procurement?

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This was the topic of this week’s webinar hosted as a debate between 4C and Spend Matters. The contention from Spend Matters’ Managing Editor Peter Smith was that following the demise of marketing procurement within PepsiCo all marketing procurement might be doomed. Peter, as we all know is a persuasive speaker who really knows his procurement, and he contends that …

Webinar Is this the end of marketing procurement-

4C Webinar: Is this the end of marketing procurement?

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Recent developments have seen procurement functions turfed out of certain marketing departments, but does that mean the function no longer has a role to play? Join our upcoming webinar `Is this the end of marketing procurement?` on Thursday 5th May at 12.30pm BST to hear Milan Panchmatia, Managing Partner at 4C Associates and Peter Smith, Managing Editor at Spend Matters …